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5bux – Hip Hop [ Download MP3]

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5bux – Hip Hop [ Download MP3]

5bux – Hip Hop

5bux – Hip Hop and Amukelani Clifton Nkwinika,aka (5bux) he is a South African rapper, born 1987-04-30 Elim hospital in Limpopo province.

In 2003 he moved to Gauteng at the age of 16 by the age of 17,he started focusing more in hip hop music as a career.

He always have been a fan of hip hop music from his youngest age,Inspired from both local & international artists.

Along side Taps115,Chuchu or SCT as a group,thanks to Taps115 who inspired me to write KEYS TO THE GAME & made me want to tackle hip hop in a different way.

If it wasn’t for Chuchu behind the inspiration of hip hop,he somehow made me figure we’re all one even though we can never be the same.HIP HOP is the anthem behind the game.

There’s more to come while you wait for the PRODUCT OF THE FUTURE the mix tape
From growing up in a poor family,raised by a single mother to hustling everyday of my life changed the way i see & view things.I’m a writer/rapper/producer & i love it.



060 741 2902

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