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Ale Swane – LevaSoul SA and MetStar DeVocalist

Bolo House

Ale Swane – LevaSoul SA and MetStar DeVocalist

Ale SwaneLevaSoul SA and MetStar DeVocalist. It has been only days since the duo released their new single Ale Swane. However, the support from the fans is overwhelming. In fact, there is so much buzz about the song on social media platforms. Bolo House Music is South Africa’s biggest online music promotion site.

The song says, Never compete with others while u don’t fit in their levels. Moreover, don’t force your self to be on the same level as others and never rush in life. because you’ll never be the same as someone you are competing with. Avoid,  competing with someone who has money, a car and married while you don’t have anything. because you will put your self in difficult situations that may lead to heart disease.

Ale Swane


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