Areyeng – Kharishma Feat. Shebeshxt, Naqua SA, Buddy Sax

Kharishma has unleashed a musical masterpiece, “Areyeng,” a scintillating track that serves as a tantalizing preview of her forthcoming album, “Destiny.” Teaming up with the exceptionally gifted and electrifying Shebeshxt, this dynamic duo has once again set the music scene ablaze.

The production prowess behind “Areyeng” is the result of a collaboration between the maestros Naqua SA and Buddy Sax. These visionary producers have been the architects behind numerous chart-topping hits for Kharishma and Shebeshxt over the past year. Their previous joint venture, the sensational “Sekoloto,” stands as a testament to their ability to craft musical magic, amassing a staggering one million views on platforms like YouTube.

The anticipation for Kharishma’s album, “Destiny,” is reaching a fever pitch, and “Areyeng” provides a glimpse into the sonic wonders that await. The album promises a sonic journey through powerful tracks like “Moporofeta” and a constellation of other hits featuring luminaries such as Makhadzi, Shandesh, Paige SA, and more.

The musical synergy between Kharishma and Shebeshxt is a formula for success, with the latter consistently turning everything he touches into pure gold. His contribution to “Areyeng” is nothing short of sensational, adding a layer of brilliance to an already stellar track.

As fans eagerly await the full release of “Destiny,” the buzz around Kharishma’s latest offering continues to grow. With the combined talents of Naqua SA and Buddy Sax, who have proven their mettle with hits like “Sekoloto,” it’s no wonder expectations are sky-high for the album.

Stay tuned for the official release of “Areyeng” and brace yourselves for the musical journey that Kharishma’s “Destiny” is set to unfold, promising to leave an indelible mark on the soundscape.


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