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Double Trouble Nyatsi [ Download MP3]

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Double Trouble Nyatsi [ Download MP3]

The Double Trouble Nyatsi [ Download MP3]

The Double Trouble Nyatsi has been released after the fans have waiting for new songs from Janisto and CK. Nyatsi song by the double trouble has been welcomed with both hands.

It has been a long journey this talented duo in the music industry. They have won many awards on the way and the have also won the hearts on many people in Limpopo and beyond. Moreover, they have been a beacon for hope to sustain and maintain the style of music from Limpopo.

The Double Trouble 2019

We are truly not sure what to expect this year from these great legends. The contract in voices from by Jan Maluleke  and Calvin is truly remarkable. Thus adding more flavour to the music and enchanting fans in the process.

The Double Trouble Nyatsi delivers a painful message of abuse to the people in a positive way. It pains the painful situation of physical abuse that many people experience.

The Double Trouble songs 2019

In many cases people tends to go out to look for a side dish because their situation at home, especially if the abuse is against men. Women and Men abuse is increasing in the country of South Africa and its very disturbing when people are not taking action against it. However, The Generals of bolobedu cannot be counted among people who are silent abou the issue of Men and Women abuse.

Many fans can relate to Double Trouble Nyatsi in many ways and the duo continues to bring the message or teach the people through their music. No wonder they called them the double trouble, Janisto and Ck are bringing the troubles of live in style indeed.

The music of bolobedu is changing lives indeed and it is becoming a culture for the next generations to express society issues through music.

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