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The Double Trouble Virus ft Dj Xtreme

Bolo House

The Double Trouble Virus ft Dj Xtreme

The Double Trouble Virus ft Dj Xtreme. A new hit by Dj Xtreme featuring the unstoppable general aka Janisto & CK.
Jan and Calvin have featured more artists in Bolobedu in 2018, compared to any other year. In doing so, they show unity and peace in bolobedu artists.

The Double Trouble Virus

Short Lyrics of the song

Bare mogatsaka ba mo tshedhe virus,ebile wa nroga. Ba thakhatxe re bone otla sala le mang. In English, it translates ” They have infected by wife with a bad attitude, now she is swearing at me. Make them happy and we will see who you will end up within the end”.

You can now listen to the song on youtube and enjoy the talent from bolobedu. Janisto and CK are independent artists who are making a name for themselves.

DJ Extreme Virus

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