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Kabza De Small “KOA 2” Album Review


Kabza De Small “KOA 2” Album Review

Brilliant! You will literally feel the hard work and time invested in this project. Everything seemed well-thought-out. The features? Just excellent. Goes to say that Kabza De Small quite literally, knows his craft.

The album begins its journey with a fiery entrance on  Khusela, featuring Msaki. The eight-minute-long song begins with the quirky bounce of  Khusela. That’s an interesting way to enter the show for real. The song cruises along sluggishly but slows down gradually before picking up again which remains the tempo until the end of the song. Beautiful arrangement, I must say.  Ingabe took a baton from the first song. Destined to a club banger, this one.

Deep while the soft voice of Spartz moves just in time with the track is just something you have to delight in. If it’s not the best chemistry, I have no idea what else could be. A match made in musical heaven.

Simmy and Njelic take the juice on Eningi, singing and rhyming together in such harmony that should trigger a memory within you. The urge to go away and crack a few brilliant moves you forgot you were even capable of occurring.

urdy, giving what it’s supposed to give; that street-worthy but the chill vibe. Easily coming down to the 4th song, Ubumnandi, top-tier female energy takes over, as Nia Pearl and MDU synergize only very talented singers can access.

During build, the beats and ad-libs can certainly enlarge the intricacy of the tune. Being a trendy party jingle, it is simple to slip into it with ease.

In the next song, Kabza introduced unique performers and artists for the next concert.  XOLA, the fifth, and Nobuhle, Zè2, join in to harmonize their voices to make magic.  and, Young Stunna dropped into a location to lie some lyrics before he leaves the stage to the vocalists who continue serenading until fading.

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