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King Monada Ake Khotsofale [DOWNLOAD MP3]

King Monada Ake Khotsofale ,

Ake Khotsofale King Monada ,
King MonadaAke Khotsofale ,
Ake Khotsofale – King Monada ,

King Monada Ake Khotsofale is finally out. The waiting is finally
over and the fun has begun. Ake Khotsofale by King Monada
is a song that speaks for those who cannot speak.

King Monada Music or Song in 2018

The message of the song is being served as a complaint to a partner
for not getting enough of it. This song barely needs any explanation
indeed, as it is self explanatory to the Bolobedu speaking people.

King Monada songs or tracks 2018

The year 2018 has been shining very bright for the king of
bolobedu house music( King Monada). It is not surprising why
he is still ruining from 2015 to date. The dedication and hardwork
displayed by king monada is unrivaled by none.

His dedication has been seen today as he released Ake khotsofale
and Malwedhe at the same time. Not many artists can say that about their music.

This song ( Ake Khotsofale) is officially falling in the category
of the classic hits by King Monada. Let’s enjoy it while we still can.

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