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King Monada Keno Mobopa,

King Monada Keno Mobopa has been officially released to the public and the response has been amazing. Moreover, Khutso steven released two tracks in one day. This song was released together with his new hit called Wa Kwafa which means you are lazy in English.

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It truly amazing to see how monada has touched and changed many lives because if his music. In addition, he gives advice to his fans regarding life challenges that affect them. Therefore, many fans of Khutso Steven connects with his music in a natural way.

King Monada Keno Mobopa Lyrics

Obe ase so mathomone ( She was not like this before)
Matsogo aka a shomile ( I have used my money)

Obe odhore oya kua ( You would think she is going away)
Akhe dha mono ( While she is coming to you or she was not good looking)

King Monada Keno Mobopa Lyrics Download

Kemo khumane ka mohlatswa ( I found her and cleaned her)
O be odhore okwatile ( You would think that she is angry)
A thakhadhe ( While she was happy)

King Monada Keno Mobopa Meaning

Gana bjale bamo nyaka, (Right now they want her)
Ene keno mobopa, ( i just moulded or shaped her)

This song advises people to build their partners in a way that will appeal to their eyes. Because many people only want a woman when she is looking good but they fail to build her themselves.

King Monada Keno Mobopa mp3 download

It only happens a few time in life, to find a talented artist like Khutso Kgatle. yet, many people are still not familiar with his talents of music. We know the struggle of searching everywhere online looking music of your favorite artist. As a result, we have decided to compile all King Monada songs in one place for easy access.



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  1. Thanks King Monada for the nice music and I wish one day your music videos can be released fast just like music..I’m proud to say every week I download 1 or 2 of your new songs..#Bolo House Music ? ? ? ♥️

  2. Thank You Tsatsi,

    We are happy to help you get music, whenever its released to the public, we appreciate your support for our site

  3. Please can i get the instrumental of this track? It’s killing us here in west africa

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