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King Monada Malwedhe is finally out to the public and the social media is already flooding with comments of praise to  Monada. He is quickly rising to the status of African top singer among the best in Africa. His music has crossed over the borders of  South Africa to the entire Africa and soon it will be outside Africa.

King Of Bolobedu House Music in 2018

King Monada earned his status of being called the king of bolobedu house music after he released Ska Bhora Moreki. Ska Bhora More eventually went on to win the title of song of the year on five radio stations in South Africa.

King Monada Malwedhe Lyrics

Nna rena le malwedhe ( I have a sickness) Geo okhe Jola lenna, ( if you are dating me)

Okhe raloke kago Nhlala ( Don’t play with breaking up with me)

Nna rena le malwedhe ( I have a sickness) Wa nhlala odho tsosa Malwedhe ale khole

( if you break up with me, you will bring up hidden sickness from far)

Kena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala ( I have a sickness of collapsing)

Wa nhlala kea idibala ( If you break up with me, i collapse)

for a full lyrics of King Monada Malwedhe click here

Malwedhe King Monada 

King Monada is warning his partner that she should not break up with him because he has a disease of collapsing. He is warning that if she doesn’t answer the phone he might collapse too.

King Monada Malwedhe mp3 download

This song is both funny and has a touch of reality. This is the trend that is familiar with king monada songs or tracks. King Monada has a way of mixing fun and reality in a song to bring the message in a pleasant way.

King Monada Malwedhe mp3 song 2018

No words can explain the song, however a few minutes of listening to Malwedhe will open your mind and take you to wonderland. The reputation of this will continue to last for the next generations to come an so will king monada’s name.


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  1. You are the best king monada I am your begast fan I am 12 years old love you king monada my begast fan?❤❤???????????????? lobe the song skorokoro,malwedeh

  2. I just don’t know what to say about you King..you are indeed the king of our culture at the hole Limpopo..you grow us each and every daily basis.. Ur music drives us crazy and makes us younger and funny, I’m so proud of you my king. LOVE YOU MONADA keep us proud happy and enjoying bolobedu songs ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. King I official join your support am from Kenya. I just got a share of the video comic video but when I saw the translation it great. I will collapse

  4. great song tho depending on subtitle to understand. the song is driving us crazy here at kenya..big up king

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