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King Monada Modimo O Gona

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King Monada Modimo O Gona

King Monada Modimo O Gona ft Lebb Simmons & Hendy Boy. King Monada Modimo O Gona is finally out and quickly gaining popularity on social media. He features the beautiful and talented vocalist “Lebb Simmons” together with the delivery of amazing melodies from the pianist” Hendy Boy”.

King Monada Modimo O Gona 2019 Song Download

Modimo O Gona is the third song to be released by King Monada in 2019. Like we know Khutso Kgatle, his songs are always building the society because he sings about our daily life challenges. Modimo O Gona sings in Pedi and it literally means: “God Is Here or Present”.

The Evolution of King Monada Lyrics

The creativity of King Monada in writing relevant content in his music continues to grow like wine. The era of calling Bolobedu Music as music for the uncivilized is now over. Now the people of Africa has come to accept this genre like any popular genre in the world.

King Monada Modimo O Gona

Since the controversy of 2018 where King Monada lost the opportunity to win SABC summer song of the year. Many people thought Khutso will be discouraged to bring more music like he used to however that is not the case. He went out live to say his fans should expect even more great music from him in 2019.

Its is without doubt that Monada is living up to his words because he has already blessed them with three hot new tracks or songs in 2019. He started the year with Motho Kadi Bag followed by NKhetha Bjala and now Modimo O Gona is out.

The Message of Modimo O Gona

This song is highlighting the story of a man or woman who was motivated by love and left his/her partner hoping to start a new relationship. However, things didn’t go as planned. From the narration of the lyrics it sounds like the opposite partner has different plans for the relationship.

King Monada Modimo O Gona ft Lebb Simmons & Hendy Boy

Another part of the lyrics by Lebb Simmons is a complaint about men who are choosing women from the cities, leaving the local women. She says that ladies from the cities are not better that local ones. In comparison they are not different, city women have beauty products to beautify themselves which makes them look better.

Enjoy and download the latest songs by King Monada in 2019 on our consistent hub of Bolobedu music. Be sure to share the music with your loved one and keep them in a good mood always.

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