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King Monada – Mpheni Dilo Txaka

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King Monada – Mpheni Dilo Txaka

King Monada – Mpheni Dilo Txaka song finally out as a free mp3 download. Mpheni Dilo Txaka is the sixth song by King Monada in 2019. The song has raised many questions, regarding the message that it delivers. Moreover, Following the saga that occurred midnight of 2018.

The song is named ” Mpheni Dilo Txaka” which translates to ” Give me what belongs to me” in English. Many have asked on the social media about what Khutso was implying and who is he directing the message to. This is a controversial song and a cry to a friend who is now an enemy.

King Monada – Mpheni Dilo Txaka Message

The fans have made many comments on Facebook and Youtube after they have listened to the promotional version of Mpheni Dilo Txaka. Some believed the song is directed to Thobela FM for robbing King Monada of the title for summer song of the year. This is the same award that was won by Master KG of Open Mic Records.

The song follows the rhythm and instrumentals of his 2018 hit song Sekorokoro. Whenever King Monada releases a slow jam, he makes sure it will stick to his fans. He does this by aligning his message and instrument to work in harmony. In addition, Mpheni Dilo Txaka tells the story of a person who is tired of people who take advantage of him or her.

Mpheni Dilo Txaka – King Monada  Video Lyrics

King Monada – Mpheni Dilo Txaka mp3 download

The author borrowed some of his property to his friends. However, his friends are using his property to shine and bad mouth him. As a result, he asks them to return his property. He makes it clear that he does not care if they never talk to him or call him again. He just wants his property then he will keep quiet and be at peace.

Mpheni Dilo Txaka

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