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King Monada – Pelo Ya Baba

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King Monada – Pelo Ya Baba

King Monada – Pelo Ya Baba ft Charmza The Dj. Many people might ask themselves if its just a coincidence or not. King Monada makes a song like this after he marries his second wife.

Pelo Ya Baba is talking about a woman who just got married. As a result, the neighbors are starting to hate. Moreover, he continues to mention that friends are also not picking up their phones anymore. In addition, the chorus reveals the cause of this behavior, they are heartbroken of seeing her success.

King MonadaPelo Ya Baba

surely this is another song from Khutso, that will captivate many fans once again. We cannot say for sure if Khutso Steven Monada is planning to release an album or not but there have been signs.

Earlier this year he was seen making a hit called Quotation with Ck The Dj of The Double Trouble and it has not been released since. moreover, a song called balance, Good Life with Clement Maosa of Skeem was also showcased of facebook. However, none of this song has been dropped.

This could be a clear indication that King Monada is planning something big. In fact, when we started the count down for the release of Pelo Ya Baba ft Charmza the dj, Monada delivered.

Pelo Ya Baba

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