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King Monada Rolo [DOWNLOAD MP3]

Bolobedu House

King Monada Rolo [DOWNLOAD MP3]

King Monada – Rolo,

Rolo – King Monada,

King Monada Rolo,

King Monada released another hit song called “Rolo”. It has been welcomed with high praises once again. King Monada always write and produce music to entertain his fans and he has not stopped yet.
Listen to king Monada Rolo and tell us what you make out of it.

King Monada – Rolo 2018

This competition in Bolobedu house music is really growing, and we have seen King Monada releasing hit after hit in 2018.King Monada has dominated from the year 2016 to date and 2018 seem to be another walk in the park for him amongst his competition. 

Regardless of the scandals surrounding him, King Monada stops at nothing to give his fans new content almost every week. It has become clear that King Monada’s sole purpose is to entertain his fans when he responded to his critics with great music each time. Who can stop the King Bolobedu now. At this stage, no one can.

King Monada Rolo is now available at bolobedu house music, for your own entertainment.

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King Monada is now the leading artist of bolobedu and now others are already calling him a legend.




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