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King Monada Songs 2019

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King Monada Songs 2019

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King Monada songs 2019

Top 15 of the best King Monada songs 2019 are here.  It can be very difficult to choose the best Khutso Steven  Monada songs in 2018 and 2019 because they are all good. Are you looking to download king monada mp3 songs in 2019?  Or you merely want to download king monada old songs. Even so, we hope you will enjoy our list.

Top songs & tracks by King Monada that you should know

We hope to simplify the process for all the fans by putting down the best  King Monada  Songs in 2018 and 2019. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to find his music on our website.

Top King Monada Songs in 2019

1.King Monada – Motho Kadi Bag ft Dj Solira

  • King Monada Motho kadi bag was the first song Khutso Steven released in 2019. He quickly captured the attention on social media that made the song to become an immediate hit. He is surprised by his woman who left him in festive seasons. To his surprise, she is back with her bags while he moved on with his life. Audio

2.King Monada – Nkhetha Bjala ft Dj Solira

  • King Monada Nkhetha Bjala followed and still maintained the standard set by any King Monada songs. It is a song that is most loved by people in parties and clubs around the country. He is giving us a glimpse of how tough relationships can be. For some reasons, he believes that sometimes its easier to choose alcohol than a woman. Audio

3.King Monada – Modimo O Gona ft Lebb Simmons

  • King Monada Modimo O Gona was, without a doubt, one of Khutso’s most anticipated songs in 2019. The song breaks down some of the challenges we face in relationships. He is featuring the talented Lebb Simons on this single. Khutso is saying that even though his partner disappointed him, he will leave it to God to decide. Audio

4. King Monada – Wa Bina Odho Seka ft Dj Bennito

  • King Monada Wa Bina Odho Seka has found love in Limpopo and the rest of the country. He is working with Dj Bennito after the received success with their 2018 single Bakhalabje Le Bakhegulu. They are warming youth to standing to a song that is meant to be danced by adults only. Audio

5. King Monada – Ke lle Pateni ft CK The DJ

  • King Monada Ke lle Pateni gave many people something to think about indeed. He is working with CK The DJ of The Double Trouble. They are both painting the story of a man who cheated on his wife. Thus, he arrives at home he asks his wife not to worry about dishing for him. in addition, his wife asks the same thing. Audio

6. King Monada – Mpheni Dilo Txaka

  • King Monada Mpheni Dilo Txaka is arguably the top song by Khutso in 2019. After losing the bid for MTN summer song of the year due to vote-rigging allegations. Khutso Steven Kgatle has decided to make a plea in the form of a song. He is asking for his things and he promises to keep quiet after he receives them. Audio

7. King Monada – Kea Jola

  • King Monada Kea Jola has struck some nerves to many people upon its release. because its song that talks about a personal matter that affects many people. Khutso is tired of seeing his crushes gettings married while he still waiting for the one. So he decides to go out and look for a relationship in his life. Audio

8. Gigi LamayneFufa ft King Monada

  • King Monada Fufa was a surprise song to add to a collection of Monada. He features the famous and independent Gigi Lamayne who recently worked with Kwesta. Fufa is a qgom song. Something the fans we never expected from Khutso. Audio

9. King Monada – Pelo Ya Baba ft Charmza The Dj 

  • King Monada Pelo Ya Baba is a song many people can associate themselves within their life. He features the talented Charmza The Dj on this single. Pelo Ya Baba which translates ” The heart is painful” paints a song about friends and neighbors who are jealous. Audio

10. King Monada – Waka Ke Waka ft Dj Bennito

  • King Monada Waka Ke Waka song came as a bonus or surprise single from the maestro. He is working again with the famous Dj bennito on this tune. They are talking to anyone who tries to take their woman from them. moreover, they sending friendly warming that they are willing to do whatever it takes for their woman. Audio

11. King Monada – Bomme

  • King Monada Bomme is a song that embraces the gift we inherited from our parents. In fact, Bomme which translate “my mother” in English took social media by storm. As a result, many fans have joined the new challenge of showing off what their mama gave them. Audio

12. King Monada One Day ft Leon Lee

  • King Monada One Day is a love song. He features the talented Leon Lee on this masterpiece. One Day talks about a man who expresses his feelings to a woman without succeeding. Thus, he asks for help from her friends. So, he asks for a chance to talk to her to try his luck without losing hope. Audio

13. King Monada Ke Rata Wena ft Leon Lee

  • King Monada Ke Rata Wena is produced by Caiiro. He features Leon Lee on the second song in a row. Moreover, he talks about how much he loves his partner and what he is prepared to do for her. Overall, ke rata wena is a love song in nature. Audio

14. King Monada Dumetxa ft Dr Peulwane

  • King Monada Dumetxa is a song of friendship and enjoyment. Steve features his newly found friend Peulwane. So, In the song, we can hear a recording of a woman courting Dr Peulwane. As a result, Monada advice him to agree to the proposal. Dumetxa which means “Say Yes” . Audio

15. King Monada Balance ft Leon Lee

  • King Monada Balance is a fun and educative song in nature. Moreover, he features Leon Lee for the third time in a month. The making of Balance took a few months but the results are worth waiting for. The song brings a conversation between a man who wants to propose a woman. So, The woman wants to see if the man has enough money to support her before she commits in a relationship. Audio

16. King Monada Good Life ft Clement Maosa

  • King Monada Good Life is finally out. In this new song, he features Clement Maosa who is famously known as Kwaito on Skeem Saam. So, Good Life is a song of celebration of success. additionally, they are showing off their success to their enemies. Audio

17.King Monada – No Ties ft. Tshego

King Monada – No Ties ft. Tshego. The song features King Monada, who is impressive in every song. In fact, Listen to the collaboration between the two rated vocalist below. Moreover, Khutso has recently signed with Chymamusique to mix and master his songs. Audio


18.King Monada – Keye E Tlhoko

  • King Monada Keye E Tlhoko is out.Keye Tlhoko talks about a man who is not happy with his salary. In fact, he makes it clear that he loves working but the pay is just not enough. Monada is well known for releasing songs that carry strong messages that touch people. Audio

19.King Monada & King Salama – Adi Tshwane ft Ceephonik

  • King Monada & King Salama – Adi Tshwane ft Ceephonik. Adi Tshwane by Khutso, Promise and Ceephonik talks about a man who is fed about his woman. Moreover, he tells her that she will remember the way he treated her. He claims that his woman likes complaining all the time. Audio

20.King Monada Madimoni

  • King Monada Madimoni. Madimoni speaks about a man who is struggling to keep his women. He says this is because of his neighbors’ behavior toward him. In fact, he points out that he is not scared to talk to or marry a woman. However, women are not able to stay with him for long. Audio

21.King Monada Ngaka ft Makhadzi

  • King Monada Ngaka ft Makhadzi.The song Ngaka speak about a man or a woman who is happy with his/her love affairs. In fact, It is not a secret that when the two meets are qual to great music. He praises his partner for being too good for him. Moreover, he believes she consulted with a Sangoma to give him love portion. Audio

Top King Monada songs 2018

  • King Monada 2018 songs were very creative and the fans showed their love for the king’s music. In addition, king monada songs 2018 comments on social media platforms were positive and engaging.
  • The fans are waiting for King Monada Music, to release King Monada Album. However, he announced of twitter that we should expect a 100 songs album.

Top Songs by King Monada in 2018 

king monada songs 2018

king monada 2018 songs

1.King Monada Benz ft Charmza The Dj

  • king monada Benz is a song that has captivated many fans of bolohouse in 2018. It became a big highlight amongst the songs of addition Charmza The Dj added his flavor in making this beautiful song. He is painting a story about a beautiful woman and he compares her beauty to a Mercedez Benz.

2. King Monada – Missed Call ft Lebb Simons

  • King Monada Missed Call is a beautiful song that was well orchestrated. Khutso features Lebb Simons who adds a beautiful rhythm with her angelic voice. Moreover, the song paints a story about a man or woman who is cheating with a stranger. As a result, He/She received a call from the stranger in the middle of the night. So when the husband/wife asked who was calling. He/She said it was the man who was selling blankets.

3. King Monada Personal ft The Double Trouble

  • King Monada Personal is a song that has united Limpopo when all hope was lost. Beef that was dividing The Double Trouble and Khutso Steven Kgatle came to end when they collaborated together. The song tells a story about a hater who goes around telling people to beat his enemies. They are saying this act of hate is personal. Therefore, it should not be practiced.

4.King Monada Perfume ft Lebb Simons

  • King Monada Perfume by Lebb Simons and Khutso Steven Monada has created waves on social media. more so, they have both dominated 2018 with their collaborations on various songs. Perfume depicts a jealous partner who asks her/his companion about her/his whereabouts. She suspects that he/she is cheating judging by the scent of perfume on his/her clothes.

5.King Monada Makarate ft Charmza The Dj

  • King Monada Makarate adds more amazing collaboration of song with Charmza The Dj. King Monada Makarate highlights a situation where a man is abused by a woman. The man eventually gets fed up and decides to stop dating a woman who beats him.

6.King Monada Sekorokoro ft Lebb Simons

  • King Monada Sekorokoro has revealed a new star that was hidden in Lebb Simons. The song was well received by the fans and it was evident on the number of views on YouTube. The songs bring a message of a concerned partner who gave up a lot for a man. However, he did not offer love back. She decided to leave him and move on but he came to ask for love back. therefore, she refused him because he wasted her time in the past.

7.King Monada Passport ft CK The Dj

8.King Monada Kea Dura

9.King Monada Matome

10.King Monada Bakhalabje Le Bakhegulu ft Dj Bennito.

11.King Monada Ngaala

12.King Monada Ake Hlaliwi ft T Time

13.King Monada Makhi Ke Khamera ft Caino

14.King Monada Molobedu ft T Time and Charmza The Dj

15.King Monada Eba Strong ft Charmza The Dj

Bonus Songs: king Monada Tracks 2018

16.King Monada Kgere Kgere Lodge

17. King Monada – Different

18. King Monada – Bjala Ke Moleko

19. King Monada – Ake Khotsofale

20. King Monada – Malwedhe

We have intentionally left King Monada’s number one hit song in 2018

21. King Monada Taba Txaka Ke Txaka.

King Monada release his first song in 2019

It is the dawn of a new year where the fans expect new music from all their favorite artists. Khutso Steven Monada is set to begin on a high note after releasing “Motho Kadi Bag“. The fans have responded with high praises for their King of Bolobedu House Music.

15 Best King Monada Songs in 2019 are still to come

After the community outburst about the rightful winner of the SABC summer song of the year awards. it seems like Khutso is not remotely affected. We have seen him back in the studio and happy as he ever was in 2018. We strongly believe it was that strength that leads him to release one of the most trending songs in the country to date

New Trend For Motho Kadi Bag in 2019

It is no surprise to see the fans responding positively to King Monada’s latest music. This guy has dominated the music industry for three years in a row. Now he has released another song that can be attached to a trend. Therefore, the fans took it upon themselves to record videos of themselves caring bags, you can watch the videos of the challenge here.

Malwedhe has had its own videos for the change and it was featured in our 15 Best Songs by King Monada in 2018. Besides, we believe “Motho KaDi Bag” is also on its way to becoming one of the best songs of all time by Khutso.

King Monada 2017 Songs

The year 2017 was also a year of success for Khutso Steven Monada. Some of the most dominating songs of 2017 are still relevant to this day. He has swept away many awards already with his 2017 hit song Chiwana and Wa Nnyaka.

Amongst these songs, Wa Nnyaka got so much recognition from the fans, therefore, a music video was also created. King Monada Wa Nnyaka music video is currently doing very well on youtube and it has been featured on trace and channel O tv shows.


King Monada new hit 2018

King Monada Bao Lecha

What to expect from King Monada Songs in 2019

Many have been talking but nobody really knows what is in the plans of the maestro Monada in 2019. We can tell you now that you are going to love it. nevertheless, Khutso Steven promised to release a minimum of 100 songs in 2019. This is a high target even for the King of Limpopo.

The question still remains if he will be able to deliver all the songs that he promised. However, It is not a question anyone can answer right away but the year will reveal it on the way.

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