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King Salama – A Rea Bolokega [Download MP3]

Bolo House

King Salama – A Rea Bolokega [Download MP3]

King Salama – A Rea Bolokega [Bolo House 2019],

A Rea Bolokega – King Salama,

King Salama – Area Bolokega is a new single that created movement this January. This comes after King Salama announces his collaboration with King Monada and Dr Rackzen.

King Salama 2019

A rea Bolokega is a song that highlights the condition of our safety in general. Maproma of Khammino is bringing down a message that alerts listeners.

King Salama Songs 2019

Bolo House Music is increasingly becoming very competitive in Limpopo and some artist even fear to release new music this January. However, King Salama is not one of them as he has continuously released one song after another.

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