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Master KG 2018 | Top 10 Best Songs by Master KG in 2018


Top 10 Best Songs by Master KG in 2018

Like it or not Skeleton move is the best master kg new song in 2018,

Master KG is shaking South Africa after conquering Bolobedu.

The dawn of Khaogelo Moagi is finally here and he is showing signs that is here to stay. He comes
from humble beginnings but he finally arrived to a place worth living in 2018.

The Master KG Impact  to South Africa

Master KG is the motivation of many youth of South Africa. Because of hiS Music, he lifts the spirits of those who
aspire to become musician and music producers in the near future.


Master KG songs overview in 2018

After taking over Bolobedu house music, Master KG did not only commercialize
bolobedu house in South Africa. He took the Bolobedu House Music to international
countries like Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria and many more.

In this review, we will elaborate more on master kg’s journey from the villages to urban
and globally recognised star. Moreover, we will share the music by this living legend in
the process.

The rise of Master KG Skeleton Move

Master KG Skeleton Move was releeased at the perfect time, when everyone needed a song
that can drive their thoughts home. Moreover the song delivers a message that encourages
people to remember where they come from. Therefore the song became a pillar of inspiration
to the nation of South Africa.

At only 22 years of age, Khaogelo Moagi ( Master KG) has already achieved what most achieve
in a lifetime. This  Limpopo shining star was born at Calais Village in Tzaneen. Master KG music
has evolved to a new height where his peers are failing to reach this moment


Master KG
Master KG Top 10 Songs In 2018

Master kg 2018 all songs review

When everyone was chasing girls at the age of 13, Master KG started to produce his first
beats using his uncles’ computer. It is no wonder ten years later, they call him the beats master.

Khaogelo Moagi’s breakthough in music

The breakthrough of Master KG came from his hit single called ” Situation“. He never looked
back as he was just beginning to gain traction in the industry. He is now an inspiration to many
upcoming artists in South Africa and Abroad.

Master kg ft Zanda

He was later signed with Open Mic Music Records where he got the opportunity to record
music with talented musicians like “Zanda Zakuza” and ” Team Mosha” to name a few.

Master kg songs download

The beat master didn’t stop there, he continued to expand his ever growing fan base
by featuring local and international artists like Makhadzi from Venda and Charma Gal
of Botswana, know for being part of Culture Spears.

Master KG LIMA Awards nomination 2018

Khaogeolo is  nominated in 3 categories at the King Korn 2nd Annual Limpopo Music Awards 
The lines are still opened for voting, you can vote for your favourite artist using the details
provided below. Master KG submitted  Skeleton Move ft Zanda Zakuza in all categories.

The categories are as follows: ” Master KG ft Zanda Zakuza – Skeleton Move”

To Vote for Master KG’s  “Song Of The YearSMS112 To 47052

To Vote for Master KG’s “Best Dance/House Single” SMS9 To 47052

To Vote for Master KG’s “Best Music Video” SMS” 68 To 47052


Top 10 Best Songs by Master KG in 2018

  1. Master KG – Skeleton Move
  2. Master KG – Jola Khule
  3. Master KG – Waya Waya
  4. Master KG – Ke Koloi
  5. Master KG – Nsalele Le Ngwana
  6. Master KG – Manyonyoba
  7. Master KG – Maaka
  8. Master KG – Ngifuna
  9. Master KG – Wa Nlebala
  10. Master KG – Nyoso Nyoso Remix
  11. Master KG ft Maxy – Ngwanaka


The Future look bright for master kg in 2018

The year 2018 holds promise for many artists who released great songs, hoping to snatch
the awards in 2018. In the end, the fate of the artists lies in the hands of the fans.
So let’s go out there and support our music heroes.

Master KG’s Future Music Projects

Khaogelo has recently featured numerous artists including Team Mosha, Makhadzi, Charma Gal and Maxy.
In all the collaborations he made, all the songs have earned their place in the South African music industry.

It was also alleged by Maxy that more music is to follow with Master KG, meaning there will be additional
collaborations between the duo.

Please leave us a comment and tell us which one is your number one hit in 2018



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