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Mayten Biography : Age, Songs, Family, Music Career


Mayten Biography : Age, Songs, Family, Music Career

Mayten Biography

Mayten Age

Misheck Siwela(20), a young inspired gospel artist who produces remarkable tracks in the aim of making Jesus famous. People may know him by his unique stage name Mayten which is a combination of the month May and Ten which is the tenth day on the calendar.

Mayten Music Career

The Youth Magnet gospel artist Mayten started his music career in his childhood days when he was 14 years old and said that it was when he decided to take his music further.

Mayten Family & Freinds

“I grew up in a musical family and seeing my two big brothers doing music really made me also wanna do music.”

“However, as a youth growing with the love of going to church, I personally felt it wasn’t really enough.”

Mayten is a hard worker and has managed to complete a project he has been working on all this time.

“My family and friends always encourage me and they tell me not to give up, it really keeps me strong knowing I am not on my own”.

“In the industry, you need to know where you are going and the reason why you started. Do not give up without a fight. If it is your calling, then I do not see a reason for you to give up” said Mayten

Mayten Change EP

“Lately I’ve been going in and out of the studio, but I thank God that I am done with the project. It is an EP with 7 tracks and its gonna be on all online platforms very soon”

“It is all about hard work, being humble, having determination, and guess what, it keeps me going.”

However, he said that with close support from your close ones helps him very much.

Mayten’s Message of Inspiration

The youth ministry has given Mayten various opportunities to share his remarkable talent in many youth programs.

One of the biggest quotes he kept in mind was “Never Give Up, you are rising”

“I would like to encourage those who are in the industry that they should never give up. Whatever they do, it must involve the word of God remembering that we came on this earth with a mission. ” I will not rest until Jesus comes,” said Mayten.

Mayten Album 2020

“I am still working on my album right now, I cannot say when it will be released but it shall be announced on my social media platforms” Concluded Mayten.

Mayten Change EP Songs

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