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Mayten – Change EP (Review)


Mayten – Change EP (Review)

Mayten – Change EP Download,

Mayten Chane – Change EP Songs Download 2020. The one and only Mayten finally release his first urban Gospel Ep titled” Change”. The ep is 7 tracks deep and it features the likes of Aloe B aka Bongi Silinda, Prince Benza, Mr Brown, Nhlanhla Dube, Pat Medina, and BlaqconMusiQ.

Mayten Chane – Change EP Tracklist 

  1. Jesus ( Cover Beat)
  2. Make A Way ft Prince Benza
  3. No Cry
  4. Why
  5. Change ft Aloe B
  6. Nkosi ft Mr Brown, Blaqconmuziq & Pat Medina
  7. Yahweh ft Nhanhla Dube

Primary EP Download

Mayten – Change EP Review

Track 1: Mayten – Jesus (Cover Beat)

Jesus is a song of praise and rejoicing for the love God has shown to him. The song starts by saying “I AM NOT AFRAID, I HAD TO COME BACK WHEN I HEARD YOU CALLING”.

In context, Jesus changed his life and loved him in a way that he cannot explain after the devil tried to mislead him from the righteous path. In fact, His life is transformed since he met Jesus. moreover, this is a hip hop song delivered in a special way that praises God.

Jesus Overall Ratings:  This song got 5/5 stars from our music review panel.

Track 2: Mayten – Make A Way ft Prince Benza

Make a way is a song of prayer to God seeking a breakthrough. He is asking God to bring down the angels to help him get out of the challenges he is facing. He is featuring the talented Prince Benza a Bolo House Music star from Limpopo. Both of them brought a similar prayer in different languages.

Prince Benza says ” Ndiyele Tsele Modimo Waka (Make A Way Lord), A Nkha Bona Mo Keyao, Mpulele Ditsela Ke Kekhone go fihla mo keyago Nna (  I don’t see where i am going, so Open the way, so I can reach my destiny)

Make a way Overall Ratings: This song got 4/5 stars from our music review  panel.

Track 3: Mayten – No Cry

No Cry is a song of celebration and accomplishment. In fact, He explains how well his life has turned out because of his Lord. Moreover, he is living larger under his protection. Therefore, he will not cry because he knows Jesu died for him.

This song will definitely find favor in many people who are already saved. The people who have experienced to power and glory of God will keep this jam on repeat.

No Cry Overall Ratings: This song got 4/5 stars from our music review panel

Track 4: Mayten – Why

‘Why’, is a song of encouragement to his fellow believers. He reminds them that Jesus will never let them down and he will always be there to support, protect, and guide them. Moreover, they should remember that he died for them.

‘Why’, will be well received by believers who are going through challenges in life. In fact, the song dish our an ample amount of encouragement and faith to keep doing in your hustle. The delivery and mood of this song are amazing (Recommended).

Why Overall Ratings got 5/5 stars from our music review panel.

Track 5: Mayten – Change ft Aloe B

Change is the song that created this extended play record. In fact, Change is a song that explains the journey and challenges Mayten went through. He decided to change and follow God’s path. As a result, his life changed because he is now winning.

He featured the talented Aloe B on this song and she also highlights her story of change. In summary, the song paints a story of transformation if a sinner who is lost to born again who finds the light.

Change Overall Ratings got 4/5 stars from our music review panel.

Track 6: Mayten – Nkosi ft Mr Brown, Blaqconmuziq & Pat Medina

Nkosi which means “King” in English. Its a song of praise to God almighty. He blended the new trending amapiano sound with his gospel message of praise to thank his God.

The song highlights his gratitude for having God in his life. moreover, he mentions how much love and protection he receives from God. As a result, he pledges allegiance to God for eternity.

Nkosi Overall Ratings got 5/5 stars from our music review panel.

Track 7: Mayten – Yahweh ft Nhlanhla Dube

Yahweh is voted as the highlight of this EP by our music panel. This is a song that carries a powerful name and message to all the people of the world. Moreover, its a song of celebration and gratitude towards God.

Mayten delivered Yahweh as gospel house which is a highly consumed and appreciated genre in South Africa. All these attributes give this song more reasons to succeed and a high probability to receive love from any South Africans.

The song talks about how thankful he is to God. After the struggles, he has been in his life, God touched him and blessed.

Yahweh Overall Ratings got 5/5 stars from our music review panel.




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