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Omee Otis – Mountains Of Mopani (Album)


Omee Otis – Mountains Of Mopani (Album)

Omee Otis – Mountains Of Mopani (Album)

Omee Otis has finally dropped his most anticipated album in 2020. Indeed the album is jammed packed with 8 amazing songs and refreshing sounds of Limpopo.


The beats have a foundation of amapiano sounds merged with Limpopo flavor. In fact, this is the kind of flavor only Omee Otis is able to bring to this genre to date. The songs have a unique signature that distinctively elaborates the pride and culture of Limpopo.

Omee Otis - Mountains Of Mopani Album 2020

Omee Otis – Mountains Of Mopani Album 2020

This album featured a crop of talented Limpopo artists that contributed to making it special. What separates the songs from our ordinary amapiano sounds is the message that speaks directly in the hearts of our people in the spirit of building character instead of breaking or taking away.

Mountains Of Mopani Tracklist (2020)

1. Only You (Ft. DJ Ceephonik & Fulu M.)
2. O Bohloko (Ft. Lil Meri & Malume Boston)
3. uBaba (Ft. O.B Magistics)
4. Menate Kamoka (Ft. DJ Janisto & Master Betho)
5. Masambe (Ft. CK DE DJ, O.B Magistics & Lim Train)
6. Skolong (Ft. Dj Benito, Fulu M, & Snaykeys)
7. Numba 1 (Ft. Tsarow DRUMbeat)
8. Echos Of Makgoba (Ft. Mactee SA, Ntsako The Poet & Masedi Thoka)

The Orchards Album Download Link

Produced: Omee Otis
Mix And Mastered: Omee Otis


What the fans are saying about the Album

Whn I talk abwt improvement nd Quality im talking abwt this Album… A lots where expecting kinder Hip Hop beats but u came up wth #Kabza inside????… Wht i knw is dat uf a person hate You, No matter how Good u a he will never #Congratulate_You so already seen haters busy wth silly posts but on This Album, You killed brah????????????????????? You are not Money, We won’t Love You all and don’t expect them to Love You, at least they hate u, the more they cone wth silly posts, is the more they correct ur mistakes so dat tomorrow u will do better dan before so dat they won’t talk…
#Crstian_Ronaldo once said, “A football without a competer, is nothing nd u won’t achieve, but when I hv a competer on ur side, u will always do Good and u will always make sure on wht u doin…”
Let them hate u, give them chance to cum wth their opinions, don’t Block them, their opinions may help tomorrow??????



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