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SABZA ft NTK – Ngena Ka Hloko Mhaka [DOWNLOAD MP3]

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SABZA ft NTK – Ngena Ka Hloko Mhaka [DOWNLOAD MP3]

SABZA ft NTK – Ngena Ka Hloko Mhaka [DOWNLOAD MP3]

SABZA and NTK have dropped a new single called “Ngena ka hloko mhaka”. They are bringing new music that gives a fresh perception of local music. NTK N SABZA CAME FROM LIMPOPO at Bolobedu Ga Mabulana started music at 2015 they want to see their work being loved by people.

SABZA – Ngena Ka Hloko Mhaka

This song paints the story of a person who is encouraged to participate in radio stations topics. If you have a pain in your life, it can be healed by sharing your experiences with radio presenters and listeners.

In their words, they said “We might not be psychologist, but we know better about human beings. Some people do not give advice. However, they are quick to judge forgetting the efforts of the next person and why they failed”.

NTK – Ngena Ka Hloko Mhaka

A person should have needs/resources to help them achieve desired results. With a qualification or not, one must learn that any skills can create money or revenue for them Money has no color, it is the same, whether it is earned through, agriculture or Engineering. Therefore, don’t be ashamed to start any kind of business to make yourself money.


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