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T Rhymez – Savages feat. 5bux


T Rhymez – Savages feat. 5bux

T Rhymez – Savages feat. 5bux. Savages is one of the trap track which is performed by T_Rhymez and 5 Bux. The word savages have been derived from opportunities (according to a track) literally meant making use of every opportunity that is coming through.

T Rhymez – Savages feat. 5bux

It is the first collaboration between 5 Bux and T_Rhymez, is just one of the turn-up tracks that give the audience a warning to expect more hits because savages (just like opportunities)they don’t stop when the opportunity has been introduced.

This is a more like motivation track, a track to curb your enthusiasm whenever you feel down low, it gives you internal force to conquer your emotions and put you into music moods. Stream and listen to their new song and enjoy.

Savages T Rhymez ft 5bux

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