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Waswa Moloi – Makhuwa ft Biodizzy [Download MP3]

Bolo House

Waswa Moloi – Makhuwa ft Biodizzy [Download MP3]

Waswa Moloi – Makhuwa ft Biodizzy [Download MP3]

Makhuwa – Waswa Moloi ft Biodizzy [Bolo House 2019]

Waswa Moloi – Makhuwa ft Biodizy is out and the fans are loving it. This song has a new vibe that resemble the struggle songs in the nineties. They feature the one of the most talented rapper in bolobedu who proudly raps in Khelobedu.

Waswa Moloi 2019

Waswa moloi is rising very fast in popularity in Limpopo and the rest of the country. Given their unique style of music this popularity is not surprising at all.

Waswa Moloi Songs 2019

Makhuwa is a song sang in khelobedu language. Some of the lyrics says “Ke gode Nkhe Sokola, Ke gode ga bohloko kamada, ganabjale ba mpitxa makhowa.” in english it says i grew up poor and struggling but now the call me Makhuwa or Moreki “Boss”.

We predict that this song will be one the most trending in bolobedu this year in 2019. Waswa Moloi style of music connects very well with different age groups.

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