Biography of Thabo FM:


  • Thabo France Maruapula, known as Thabo FM, is a talented musician from Polokwane Ga-Matlala.
  • He was born on September 17th, 1994 and attended Selamodi High School until Grade 11 before leaving in 2013.
  • Despite facing challenges during his childhood, Thabo found his passion for music and has since become a well-known artist.


  • Thabo grew up in a challenging environment, being raised by his grandmother after his father disappeared in 1996 and his mother left when he was two.
  • In 2010, Thabo discovered a love for dance and later met influential figures in the music industry who inspired him to pursue a career in music.
  • Thabo’s debut single “Manaba” was released in 2019 and he has since worked in genres such as Bolo house music, deep house, and Afro tech.


  • Throughout his career, Thabo has collaborated with numerous artists, including Tk Wa MoAfrika, Taken Wa Borinee, DJ Maghana, and Majoro The Boss.
  • Thabo’s debut single “Manaba” was highly anticipated and received widespread acclaim upon its release.
  • Thabo FM is currently signed and is preparing to release more music in 2022.

Life Goals and Aspirations:

  • Thabo aspires to see children from impoverished backgrounds flourish, having grown up in a similar situation himself.
  • Despite his success, Thabo remains grounded and committed to using his platform to help others.

By sharing his experiences, he hopes to inspire change and shed light on the struggles faced by many black children.

Contact information :

  • Email:
  • Cell Number: 0606273062 or 0637178544
  • Social Media :



  • Thabo FM is a talented musician who has overcome challenges to pursue his passion for music.
  • His debut single “Manaba” was highly successful and he continues to collaborate with other artists in the industry.
  • Thabo remains committed to using his platform to help others and inspire change.