Penzo De DJ – Superstar EP is finally out in 2023. This EP Consists of 12 amazing tracks filled with different flavors. Penzo De DJ featured some of the rising stars in the music scene such as Maivo, Moruti Pula, Leash Man and Huncho Vur Vai, just to mention a few. Make sure to check out this EP as it contains songs that will take over the dance scene by surprise.


1. Penzo De DJ & T- Bla The Voc – Abo NControlli

Stream this song Abo Ncontrolli for free on Youtube

2. Penzo De DJ – Bonus

Stream this song Bonus for free on Youtube

3. Penzo De DJ – Dilo Txaka ft Maivo & Cris

Stream this song Dilo Txaka for free on Youtube

4. Penzo De DJ – Khale Ka Nwa ft Mr Rhyme

Stream this song Khale Ka Nwa for free on Youtube

5. Penzo De DJ & DJ Casper – Korobela

Stream this song Korobela for free on Youtube

6. Penzo De DJ – Madulong

Stream this song Madulong for free on Youtube

7. Penzo De DJ – Moatxaka ft Leash Man

Stream this song Moatxaka for free on Youtube

8. Penzo De DJ – O Dhowile ft Moruti Pula

Stream this song O Dhowile for free on Youtube

9. Penzo De DJ – Oska Tshepa Motho ft Cry Izzey

Stream this song Oska Tshepa Motho for free on Youtube

10. Penzo De DJ – Possible ft Huncho Vur Vai

Stream this song Possible for free on Youtube

11. Penzo De DJ – Superstar

Stream this song Superstar for free on Youtube

12. Penzo De DJ – Taken

Stream this song Taken for free on Youtube

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